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The following are excerpts from actual letters written by FMS Members.


If you'd like us to highlight your achievements with FMS to inspire others with their fitness programs please email a brief paragraph to:


Photos, especially "Before/After" shots, would be very appreciated.




Hi, my name is Jonathan Orr and I just wanted to let you know that your nutritional insights and training tips helped me achieve a body I never thought possible.  I'm

proud to say that I have dropped my body fat % from an unhealthy

23% to an unbelievable 7% and have experienced gains in energy,

strength, stamina and endurance that are indescribable.



With the aid of your Six Pack Abs video I've achieved the physique and

positive mindset I've always wanted but was never able to achieve

before.  Anyway, I just thought I'd let you know that your work made a

difference in my life and that I greatly appreciate what you have done for

me and so many others.


The really cool thing is a lot of people are starting to get curious about

FMS and health and nutrition in general.  I'm getting asked a lot of

questions and I'm doing my best to answer them.  I've been explaining

the benefits of health and nutrition in general and never failing to mention

how the FMS program has changed my life.  Again, I'd like to thank you

for providing the inspiration and knowledge that has helped make a

great difference in my life.


I've attached my before and after photos so you can see the results for yourself.



Meadowview, VA




I saw you speak at the Hilton in Manhattan and I didn't think it was possible for me to be more of a fan!  You're such a cool guy!  Totally real!


My friends and I used to sit around on our butts, eating chips and watching late night TV, and I developed a crush on John Basedow.  I got my first Fitness Made Simple tape several years ago as a bit of a joke because I thought John was hot, but the more I watched the tape the more I got into it and now it's been years since I've "sat around eating chips".  I put on 10 lbs of solid muscle and now I can even do 12 chin ups.  You can imagine the stares I get at the gym when a 5'3" 105 lb blond woman jumps up and cranks out the chin ups!


John, you changed my life!  Your program made me a better person!  If there is any way that I can appear in any of your future exercise programs I'll be happy to do it.  I'm a total believer and a true life success story.  And you look even better in person than on the infomercials, how is that even possible!



New York, NY




I've never been what anyone would consider to be fat but you can see that there was no muscle tone in my "Before" shot.  That was maybe two and a half years ago.  Then I started taking the Fitness Made Simple program seriously.  The "After" picture was taken this past weekend.  It really is as simple as following a lifestyle of fitness.  It really can be done!





New York, NY

div _success-richard

Dear FMS,


Meeting John was the highlight of my life.  He was so kind to give me a

moment to explain my story of how the Fitness Made Simple DVDs

changed my life.  Unlike most celebrities, he was polite, caring, and

sincerely interested in what I said.  His feedback was also caring and

very informative.


I was never considered overweight but after a lifetime of fast food as well

as a lot of pasta, I developed what is known as a 'beer belly' (without

having the beer).  For about 6 years I always wanted a six pack of abs

but just didn't know how to get it.  One night I saw John Basedow's

commercial for Fitness Made Simple - Six Pack Abs.  I ordered right

away.  Within 3 weeks of using John's easy to follow workout instructions,

I noticed a significant difference.  Muscle was showing where fat used to

be.  My pants started to become to big, and, before I knew it, I started to

have ab definition.  I could not believe it!!  The instructions are simple to

follow, the workouts are fun to do, and the results are not only impressive...but extremely quick.  I lost 39 lbs in a matter of a few months!


I was so impressed from Six Pack Abs that I decided to order FMS Fat Burning Workout, Basedow's Basics, and Unlock your Potential right away.  I have been using these videos and, like Six Pack Abs, I love them and see results almost immediately!!!


John Basedow's workout videos have changed my life in so many ways.  Today, I eat extremely healthy, I workout continuously, and my overall attitude has changed.  People have noticed that I am more positive, I have lots of energy, but, most of all, I have confidence that was never there before...all due to FMS.


I have met a lot of celebrities in my life but none made me as excited as I was to meet John.  This is for one 'simple' reason...those other celebrities didn't change my life.  John and his workout videos truly did change my life to a much healthier one.  This isn't a year or two change either...this is a lifelong change!


Thank you so much John!  I owe you everything!  I would be honored to be involved with anything that spreads the word of FMS.



Long Island, NY




You know what Fitness Made Simple has done for me.  Your program is and has been my way of life.


It's very inspirational to see all of your FMS commercials on television.  You never stop motivating me to stay fit.  When I feel that I'm falling off of my routine I always know that I can pop in one of your videotapes or DVDs and get a fresh start. I want to thank you for your sincerity and for continually coming up with new and improved programs.  The best part is that you keep things "real".  You never try to sell a "quick fix" product that can be misleading to people.  Being in the fitness industry myself since 1996 I can say that FMS is the only legitimate program on the market as far as I'm concerned.  FMS not only works but you make it so that it fits into people's excuses.

Maryann & John Basedow - East Setauket, NY As a personal trainer, nutrition consultant, and mother of two children, I completely support everything that you are promoting in your FMS programs.  John, I "TEACH WHAT YOU PREACH".  My clients use Fitness Made Simple as their guide to happier and healthier lives.  They have been attaining excellent results consistently now for years by following FMS.  This is a win/win situation for us all thanks to you.


Fitness Made Simple promotes wellness and lifestyle

changes that will produce lifelong results.  I believe any any level of any age...male or

female...will succeed with this program.  It's simple and

it makes a lot of sense.


Thank you for being my motivation!


Stay fit and be well,



East Setauket, NY

maryann_triangle2 maryann2 div div glennv1

Dear John,


I just wanted to tell you that you are my inspiration for changing my overall physique.  I have managed to lose a great deal of weight and have transformed myself into a new person.  I still cannot believe how I look!


I was always ashamed to take off my shirt at the beach -- even as a child.  I remember swimming in the ocean with my shirt on -- not to prevent overexposure to the sun but to avoid being sneered at for my excess blubber.  But I'm HAPPY :-) to say this is no longer true. I take my shirt off with CONFIDENCE and, believe it or not, I have even managed to win a muscle contest down here in South Florida.  I was really emotionally shaken up by winning.


A main cause of my weight problem was difficulty with controlling my intake of food.  The more I tried to control it the more it controlled me.  I feel so much better about myself thanks to your advice on eating correctly -- stressing the importance of eating the right foods and increasing one's metabolism by having several small meals a day.  I was eating at the wrong times and not eating the right foods but, with your help, I have managed to finally get my nutrition plan fine tuned to the point where I feel great about myself.  I am proud to say my new stats are as follows: 165 lbs 31" waist 43" chest 16" veiny arms.

Thank you again for making me feel good about myself and how I look.  You gave me the knowledge to further enhance my muscular health and development and you have SAVED my overall emotional and physical being.  :-)


Please feel free to include my story on your FMS Success Stories web page.  I am thrilled that I will be part of helping other people succeed in obtaining their goals.  Attached is a recent pic of me.  I don't have a before picture.  I was too ashamed to keep them.


Yup -- I'll say it again.  Thanks, John, for all your help.  I would love to meet you to thank you in person.



Thanks again,


A Satisfied Fan


Sunrise, FL

div caryn_1 CarynShoot



I had to finally sit down and put into words the results I am getting with

your videos.  I had lost a lot of weight, 80 plus pounds in a little over a

year, using various diets and several exercise programs.  I then hit a

plateau.  While I was no longer 222lbs I still wasn't anywhere near my



I decided it was time to join a gym and lift weights since that was the one

method I had not yet tried.  For 5 months I worked out at the gym 2 hours

a day 6-7 days a week but my results were minimal.  I had seen Fitness

Made Simple commercials prior to this but never thought that someone

with your body could ever understand a weight problem.  I also assumed

you had to be doing some crazy training that I could never get involved

with since I have two small children at home and not a whole lot of time.  

Fortunately for me, you go to my gym and, over my five months of

inefficient training, I watched you workout during my rest periods.  That is

what first interested me in your program.  Your workout was less than half

the duration of mine.  It used to burn me up to see you walk in 20 minutes after me and leave 45 minutes before me.  That's when I had to know what you were really doing so I ordered the basic Fitness Made Simple (FMS) program.

Not only did I go from a size 10 to an 8 during the first 3 weeks of using Fitness Made Simple  but for the first time in months I started to see my strength really increase.  I've actually doubled the weight I lift in some just 3 weeks!!!!  More amazing to me was that I was now only weight training 3 days a week for one hour as opposed to the ridiculous amount of time I was spending before and getting nowhere.


I have since added AM/PM Workouts, Six Pack Abs, and the 45Min Fat Burning Workout to my weekly routine.  And even with all of that I am still working out less time than I was prior to FMS.  What I love about  AM/PM Workouts is the concept.  It makes sense and I can feel it throughout my day...and it's only 10 minutes!!!!   I used to use the excuse that my kids get up early and I have to feed them right away, blah blah blah.  With your workout it's only 10 minutes, they won't starve, and, because I use the non-weight version, they can be right there with me.  I have done crunches with my son lying on top of me or driving his toy cars on my head.  My daughter likes to do push-ups and squats with me so it works out and gets my metabolism going.  I love  Six Pack Abs the best because in 2 weeks I see a difference that I didn't see after 5 months of getting nowhere with other routines.   I was spending 20-30 minutes every single day doing 500-600 useless incorrect crunches.  Now I spend 10 minutes doing abdominal exercises that I actually feel and can see results with in only 2 weeks!  The 45Min Fat Burning Workout

      I use on weekends or when I can't get to the gym.  I use light weights and  

      definitely love the cardio and strength training benefits I get from it.


      Overall, it has been 5 weeks...3 weeks with the Fitness Made Simple 3 day

      training routine...then 2 weeks of adding in the other 3 videos...and I'm

      happy to say I am now a size 6!  I still have a bit to go but I know and can feel

      that I will get there using this system.  

Thank you so much for creating it first off and for doing all the legwork, research, and trial and error for me and everyone else who buys your products.  You have saved others and me years of useless training because you didn't want people to go through what you did when you first got started and I think that is awesome.  And for me personally, thanks for all your time in helping me understand things when I ask and for giving me different ideas and just listening.  You really truly care about the results people are getting and, from reading the testimonials of others you've helped, I know you are truly dedicated to working with anyone who is serious about changing their body and their health.  You are such a genuine person, real and giving, and you deserve so many great things for all that you are doing in the area of fitness for all the people out there who are benefiting from your hard work.


Thanks John!



Long Island, NY


Dear FMS,


My name is Bryan and I am a 35 year old father of two.


I had been working out since I was about 25 but somewhere around 3-4

years ago I must have started to let myself go.  It was such a gradual

change I didn’t notice it happening; however, I realized how much I'd

changed this past January.  You see, I will be getting married this July

and my fiancé, Carey, and her bridesmaids were looking for a wedding

dress.  The girls all got together one day to help Carey pick out a dress

or at least get an idea from magazines.  They started passing around a

magazine with a ripped guy in it and going nuts over how hot he was.  I

turned to Carey and said “I look like that don’t I honey?”, to which she

replied giggling, “You mean you used to”.  That's when I realized all the

"extra me" I was carrying around.  So in front of my fiancé and all the

bridesmaids I stated that by the wedding I would look like that guy in the

magazine.  The next day I woke up and thought how am I gonna pull this

off?  I watched one of John's commercials on TV that morning and

decided I wanted to be one of his success stories too, so I ordered the Six Pack Abs and Fitness Made Simple: Unlock Your Potential DVD's.

bryanbeforeafter2 bryan2_withtext

When the DVD’s arrived I sat down and watched each one from beginning to end.  The next day I modified my diet, started John’s workouts, and took a picture to mark my starting point...just as John suggests in the videos.  As 2 weeks passed I started to wonder if I was really losing anything.  This is where the pictures come in.  I reluctantly asked Carey to take my 2 week picture not expecting to see a difference but when I compared the first picture to the new one...Wow, what a difference!  I could see the changes starting already.  This gave me renewed inspiration and the same kind of thing happened like that every 2 weeks.  That's what showed me how much Fitness Made Simple really works.  The next thing which really surprised me was how much energy I had.  I didn't feel like sleeping all day.


The way John approaches everything makes it fun and it never seems like a chore to workout.  I actually look forward to that part of my day.  By the wedding day I had kept my promise, thanks to John and Fitness Made Simple, and I had a renewed feeling of self-esteem.  On our honeymoon I was able to walk around the beaches with my shirt off and feel good about it!


When I started the FMS programs I was 208 pounds with a waist measurement of 38 inches.  After just 11 weeks I weighed 183 pounds and my waist dropped down to 34.5 inches.  Now, 18 weeks from the date I started following John's simple tips, I am down to 178 pounds.  That's 30 pounds I shed off...Wow!  As an added bonus I have lots more muscle tone too.


I know it is only going to get better from here.  Thanks John!!!




Parma Heights, OH


Dear John,


I would like to share the way Fitness Made Simple has truly changed the way I look and feel.  I went from a size 8 to a size 4-6.  I am 5’7” and I have lost 9 pounds thus far (151 pounds to 142 pounds).  I can see more definition in my legs, arms, back, chest, shoulders, and butt.  The way my clothes fit has changed dramatically.  I use the 45Min Fat Burning Workout every other day as well as Six Pack Abs.  I also incorporate cardio exercise into my program 3 times a week.  I am well on my way to the body I’ve always wanted.


Strength training at a heart-pumping cardio pace is the key to my new physique.  I have been consistently using the 2 above mentioned DVDs for 8 weeks.  Please note my before and after pictures.  Before FMS, I would exercise a few times a week, but I was not looking the way I wished.  I wanted to become tighter and leaner, but I was not accomplishing those goals  Meanwhile, your commercials continue to air on our cable network.  Seeing them inspired me to try your program.  In addition to changing the way I look, the program has changed the way I feel.  I am more confident, I have more energy, and I seek out new challenges and inspiration.  I think of your words often, "Train hard, eat right, rest well, and you can attain all your fitness goals”.  How true this is!!  It is awe-inspiring that something so simple can have such far reaching effects.

I admire the fact you have real people with real changes on TV advertisements.  This validates the integrity of the products.  I would feel extremely honored to be a part of your continued success, and I would love to share with others that “this product works!!"


You are truly an inspiration for me. Thanks for sharing and stay well!




San Marcos, TX



Hi John,


I wanted to congratulate you on the upcoming market release of your first book.  Mike and I got our advanced copy on Friday.  I read it cover to cover, and I must say it is wonderful!  Anyone can pick up your book and change their life.  All it takes is the knowledge presented in the book and a person's determination and drive to get the job done.  I hope you will add a Texas date to your book signing tour.  Austin is only 30 minutes from San Marcos and is rated one of the top cities to workout in.  They have several Barnes & Noble Stores, Borders, and a Book People.  President Clinton was at Book People for a book signing of his own on Friday.  I look forward to meeting you in person some day.


As for me, I am still using the principles of FMS.  Since my last letter, I changed my routine to a 3-day split along with cardio and ab workouts throughout the week.  It's time for another change, so I will be doing the 45Min Fat Burning Workout every other day along with cardio on the "off-weight" days.  I feel great and people say I look great.  I tell anyone that will listen about you and FMS.


I just wanted to let you know that I am doing better than ever and wish all the best for you. I'm so glad you are sharing your story with the world.  Many people are going to lead better lives because of you and FMS. Keep up the great work!!


All My Best,


San Marcos, TX

div _ElizabethNewBA

Dear John,


I am writing to thank you for your instructional videos on exercise and

nutrition.  As a teenager I was overweight and inactive and I have

fought most of my adult life to keep weight off and stay fit.  I spent 25

years jogging and 15 years working out at a gym 4-5 times a week with

machines and free weights.  I've also tried many popular diet plans

including fasting.  None of these activities have given me the results

that your instructional videos have helped me to achieve in 2 short

months.  The Fitness Made Simple videos helped me reach a physical

fitness level that had eluded me all my life. I have lost 14 lbs, 3 inches

off my waist, 3 inches off my hips, and have dropped from a size

10 to a size 4 in slacks.  My energy level is high and I really feel

good about myself.


The original Fitness Made Simple: Unlock Your Potential and Six

Pack Abs videos have great nutritional tips as well as great exercise

technique descriptions.  I currently alternate days doing the Fat Burning

Workout and AM/PM Workouts videos.  Because I only need 2 sets of dumbbells and a bench for these exercises I have successfully stayed on the exercise program even when camping.  I have found that the AM/PM Workout is a great way to start because you begin and end the day working on improving your physique, a psychological reminder for maintaining your healthful eating habits.  


The FMS videos showed me how to workout efficiently and do the exercises correctly.  They put an emphasis on working the abs, an area that I had avoided.  They also gave me the nutritional tips I needed that explained how I sabotaged myself in the past when trying to lose body fat.  My husband Fred and I both enjoy cooking and, thanks to the tips FMS provides, with very little effort we were able to change our eating habits to a healthful, fat burning style.  I hate to call it a diet because to me that word implies something painful that I will do for only a short period of time.  Since we changed our eating habits we are never hungry and are enjoying very tasty meals and snacks.  The benefits are obvious and for us this is a life time change.


My husband Fred, who originally was skeptical, has reaped a surprise benefit.  In 3 months he has lost over 30 lbs, dropping from 220 to 189 lbs.  He still has a way to go but is so encouraged that he is confident of getting down to his "fighting weight".  In addition, after having observed the positive results I have obtained with the exercises, he is now planning to follow the exercise program as well.  


Fitness Made Simple does bring real results to real people.  I am a grandmother and celebrated my 65th birthday this month.  My husband Fred is 67.  Please keep up the good work.  




Stafford, VA

div markbeforeafter

FMS changed my life.  I have to admit that it was really John's physique that made the initial impact.  I've been working out for years but have never before achieved such a ripped state. Witnessing John's absolutely shredded condition provided all the motivation I needed!  The FMS videos then provided the tools.


After a few weeks of monitoring my nutritional intake and watching my carbs very closely something happened.  My body began to burn the fuel more efficiently.  I was getting hungry every few hours and I could almost feel my skin getting tighter.  This was all the additional support I needed to complete a couple months of perfect nutrition and brief but focused workouts...and you see the results.


I'm all about living an extraordinary life.  FMS has helped to give me the vehicle I need to actively and energetically pursue that life.



Reston, VA


Hi John,


My name is Lovell Webb.  I am a 57 year old retired broadcast

engineer/Rock-n-Roll DJ here in the mountains of Charleston, WV.  I

have two of your videotapes ( Fitness Made Simple  & Six Pack Abs )

and your Nutritional Keys audiotape.  Using them I have lost 78

pounds.  I walk a lot and three weeks ago I had to have colon cancer

surgery.  Although I am not out of the woods yet my doctor thinks I am

making a very good recovery.  


John, it's amazing how being fit or, in my case, nearly fit can be such a

great help in bouncing back from major surgery.  I was actually looking

forward to walking the day after my surgery and the days after that

weren't as painful as I imagined and had heard.  I have you to thank for

the great advice that has carried me this far.  The cancer was caught

early enough that I had to have a colon resection but no colostomy.  This last year I have felt better and better about myself than I have for years.  


Thanks John for your great program.  I always refer to you as my Guru.  


Your Friend,


Charleston, WV

lovell1 div karen1_new

Dear FMS,


I'm 36 years old and I'm in the best shape of my life...and my shape is getting better every day thanks to Fitness Made Simple.  I'm at this point because through FMS I finally got it.  In order to make real improvements in my body I had to combine changes in my diet, weight training, and cardio workouts.  What a difference combining those three made!


I initially chose the Fitness Made Simple programs because I was motivated by John’s success story – how he changed his own body through the very same exercises I would be doing. Now I look forward to working out with John every day because he keeps me motivated and committed to the exercise programs.  I have stuck with the programs because the exercises and the nutritional tips work!  I notice the difference in my body and in how my clothes fit.  These days I am wearing the tailored, sexy clothes I love to wear, including sleeveless shirts.  I just love the muscle tone I see all over my body.


What I have found to be particularly useful is John's tip that all I have to do is work on making one aspect of my routine better each day.  Honestly, for me, it may take a few days to make my routine better rather than just one :-), but it's okay because I realize that I am making changes for the rest of my life and not just for next week or month!!!


My body feels great, I feel great, and I have more energy than I have ever hadenergy that comes in handy at Harvard Law School!


Thanks John!


All the best,


div _doc

Fitness Made Simple videos offer easy to follow exercises for everyone.  John Basedow provides nutritional tips to help reduce fat and increase muscle development.  His plan is healthy, fun, and "simple" to follow.  John’s advice coupled with exercises, which he demonstrates throughout his videos, enables you to experience body improvement and healthy well being.  There are no crazy machines to purchase...just you and John and your desire to get healthy and fit.


Arnold D. Kamhi, MD

div success-jason

Dear John,


My name is Jason McMurray and I am a 21 year old male living in Santa Cruz, CA.  In high school I had always managed to stay in shape because I was constantly training for track and cross country all year round, running on average roughly 10 miles a day.  A few years ago I moved up here to Santa Cruz from college excited for my independence.  Because there was not a great sports program at my school I was not active on any teams and did not get near as much exercise as my body was used to from 4 years of running.  As a result I gained a bit more than the normal "freshman 15" and was not happy with how quickly my body was looking less healthy.  I knew something needed to change.  I then bought your Fitness Made Simple and Six Pack Abs DVDs and have been following them for over a year now. I have seen an amazing amount of improvement in my body and health.  I feel and look better than I ever have in my life!

FMS has given me not only a much healthier lifestyle but has made a dramatic improvement in my ability to train for my profession.  I am an ex-UCSC student currently training to become a Paramedic and a Fire Fighter.  Both of these jobs are very physical so the vast improvements I have made in my exercise habits and diet have given me the energy I need to make it through every day feeling great.


Although your workout plan proved very effective for me in the gym, the nutritional tips have really helped to make the most drastic improvements in my body.  FMS has inspired in me a passion for health and fitness and I'm currently in a 12 week study program to recieve my ACE Personal Trainer Certification.  And I owe it all to the inspriation and guidance I have recieved from your videos!


Recently my house was broken into and my laptop was stolen.  Within my computers DVD player was my Six Pack Abs DVD (as it always was).  When I sent you an email about this you not only replied back personally but made arrangements to have a new copy sent to my house!  And I agree with you...I hope whoever stole my laptop and your DVD inside uses them to improve his own physique and life and maybe help him to choose a different career path.  I cannot thank you enough for the kindness and inspiration you have shown me and only hope that everyone can eventually realize they can take control over their own life, which is something you helped me to see.


The pictures I have enclosed are roughly a year apart from each other.  I think you will be able to see the improvement for yourself.  Thank you for everything and everything still to come...and remember to keep those high impact gyrations to a minimum! :-)



Santa Cruz, CA



Thank you so much!  I've begun watching and working out with the Six Pack Abs DVD every day as part of my routine again and it's really helping me stay on track.  It's much easier to get through the workouts when I am doing them with John as opposed to doing the workouts on my own from memory...even if he is only on my TV.  I framed the signed photo that was sent with the DVDs and have placed it in my house next to where I work out as a motivational tool to keep me inspired.


I also really loved the other two DVDs that were sent.  I had never owned these before and they have proven to be a great addition.  I use the 45Min Fat Burning Workout as a fun and active routine to occasionally subsitute for my normal workouts.  I am now realizing that even though I have come so far there is really no limit to the level of health and fitness I can aspire to.  So thank you again.  I really appreciate it!



Santa Cruz, CA



It's finally friends have started calling me "Jason Basedow".  It started with questions from friends when they would notice the signed inspirational photo of you I have in my living room.  Then I always explain the story of how much your videos, and then you personally, did for me.  I started telling the story of how I was an FMS Star Of The Month on your website and now that my friends are seeing the similarities between our health and fitness levels I guess the nickname isn't far off!


Whenever I read books on nutrition and health or fitness they always love to throw in comments about how the first step is to not expect those "six pack ab bodies that you see in magazines" because they are unrealistic.  But you've shown me it's actually a lot easier than I would have ever thought!  I lead a healthy lifestyle but nothing I would consider excessive.  Your M-W-F workout with 30 minutes of running 4 days a week is really all I do for exercise.  In my opinion, however, the nutrition aspect is much more important.  I've realized a big part of eating healthy is making your own food.  Eating out is hard (and expensive) to do and you can never really get as fresh or nutritious meals as if you completely control everything going into them.  I am the kind of guy that wants every one of my meals to be ready as fast as possible.  Simple, yet delicious and nutritious, meals are what my diet mainly consists of.  I love telling people how much I eat and how good it all tastes because I don't know why anyone couldn't make the switch over into this kind of lifestyle!  I have yet to find one drawback, especially considering I have my fast food hamburgers and bacon covered pizza whenever I want them.  That just isn't very often anymore.


These are some pictures from my recent trip to Lake Shasta with my fraternity Theta Chi.  It's like a downhill rolling snowball - the more benefits I see and feel, the more motivated I get to stick with FMS!

jason_success div doug1



I have been using Fitness Made Simple for only 10 days and am already seeing and feeling the results.  I just wanted to say that I have lifted weights on and off for years but never had the proper nutrition or the right guidance.  Your informative video and your honest straight forward approach make me want to really give it my all and maybe even do what you do some day!




John is the most honest and sincere person that I have ever witnessed!  I have emailed him with so many questions and he always responds.  How many people in his field actually do that?  This is me before and 9 weeks into the program.  My body fat went from 18% down to 9 %.  I still have a long way to go but I feel great.  John Basedow has given me the best advice of my life!!!!!!!



Dearborn, MI

div julia1

Hello FMS Friends!


I have lost 40 pounds, dropped 13% body fat, and have made some serious other improvements.  FMS has helped a lot, especially with my ab definition.  I'm getting compliments all the time.  The nutrition facts helped as well.  Thanks to John I hope to become a fitness model and get down to 10% body fat by spring.


Just to let you know, I referred a friend to John's Six Pack Abs tape.  He was so impressed with the progress on my abs that he was convinced he should buy John's tape.  Thanks to the Six Pack Abs video my abs look great.  I proudly go out in public wearing a sports bra so that everyone can see my abs.  I used to hide them in bulky sweaters.


Thanks  FMS!  You guyz and gals rock!




Baltimore, MD

div arthur

These pics are the result of 2.5 months of working out, utilizing the Fitness Made Simple video and Six Pack Abs.  Here is an idea of how I've improved in those couple of months and I'm still improving:


Startup: 10/13/03

Ht: 5'5

Wt: 155lb (not in best shape)

Push Ups: 35 - 45

Bench Press: 90lbs (Free Weights)

Dumbell Incline Press: 25lbs each arm (Free Weights)

Upright Rows: 35lbs (Free Weights)

Pulldowns: 60lbs (Machine)



Wt: 150lb (a lot replaced by lean muscle)

Push Ups: 100

Bench Press: 165 - 170lbs (Free Weights)

Dumbell Incline Press: 50 – 55lbs (Free Weights)

Upright Rows: 80lbs (Free Weights)

Pulldowns: 140lbs (Machine)

Good Day Mr. Basedow,


I just wanted to take the time to write and express my thanks for sharing your knowledge with us little people.  I've actually ordered your videos Fitness Made Simple and Six Pack Abs more than a year ago but go sidetracked and was off the program for a while.  I picked it back up in the last month and I have been very pleased with the results.  True, our results are based on our own discipline but you have provided me with an incredible foundation to work with.


I'm a 24yr Chinese male and, in my past, I've had difficulty understanding how to build up (especially my arms and chest) and trim down.  It's difficult to afford a personal trainer, so I was at a loss as to what to do.  Fact of the matter is, if I had not learned from FMS, I may still be doing my exercises wrong and not understanding what is necessary to progress to the level I wanted.  I read tips and other routines from magazines and websites but alone they don't give you the details you really need.


FMS gave me a real good insight on the number of reps and variety of exercises to do.  In fact, to my surprise, in my last workout I benched about 20lbs more than my previous weight set.  Results like that just keeps the motivation going.  Within the past month my shoulders have grown, my chest expanded, and my arms became rock hard with more mass.  I must say it's been toughest for me to expand my armsand now FINALLY!  My abs are more developed than I had really thought they could be.  Honestly, I was extremely surprised the workouts from the Six Pack Abs did all this! I didn't use any of the machines I see people use so often and I literally just trained my abs 10–15 minutes a day every other day or so.  Now, I can totally feel how rock hard they are.  


Your insights on nutrition were also extremely helpful.  I've gotten more in the habit of understanding what's in certain foods and watching what I eat.  On the weekdays I stick to a pretty strict nutrition plan but on the weekends I allow myself to indulge a little (lots of sushi, some pizza, etc.)kinda like a reward concept so I don't go crazy missing some of my favorite foods.  Some of my friends think I'm nuts to be skipping out on certain foods on the weekdays but I keep telling them that it's a plan for a goal.  Doing this not only helps my devotion to body building but it builds my commitment to other things.  If I can work hard to stick to these plans I can apply the same concept to other variables in my life.


My friends have all complimented me and even my parents have been showing me off like, “Look at my son!”.  For my Chinese circle there are not many buff guys to go around.  My gal friends are definitely impressed and I've noticed stares in my direction from some workout situations.  Even my martial arts buddy has complimented on my arms now and, coming from his standards, that actually means something.  

The best part was seeing one of my ex-girlfriends (still friends) and she straight up said “Geeze, you look so good I almost regret letting you go!”.  Haha, she said “almost” but we had our issues.  Regardless, that made my day!


I haven't reached my goal yet - which is to look like YOU!  But some day!  Nonetheless it has been your workout ethics and insights that have helped me build a perfect foundation for myself.  And with that I believe I can do more things I place my mind on!


Thanks Again!



Sacramento, CA





The man himself.  Thanks for the opportunity of meeting with you in person.  It was a very awesome and fun learning experience.  I don't believe I can truly describe the experience with any existing words!  Thanks for all the DVDs.  I now have an incredible library of knowledge to further develop my body and reach higher goals.  Every time I look in the mirror or receive compliments from people about my body I will always thank you in my head.  You're a very down to earth guy and, although you are a celebrity, I feel like I can talk to you like a good friend.  It was a great first time commercial experience and thanks again for the personalized autograph!





Sacramento, CA


Dear John,


I don't know if you'll ever get tired of my thanking

you, but as I just looked at my abs again it

reminded me of another past thought in my life.  

I recall that about 3+ years ago, while I was

with another ex-girlfriend, we were watching a

workout commercial and it showed some guy

with defined abs.  I remember her saying to me,

“If you had abs like that, I'd marry you!”.   Well,

that offer no longer applies, heh, but it just

reminded me of a point in time where I felt I

could never get abs like that.  And about a year

after that, I was at a café looking at pictures and

I saw one Asian guy with a cute girl in bathing

suits and he was pretty defined.  Again, another

time where I was questioning myself of how I

could ever get that defined and how I would say

to myself, “What I would give to have a body like



Arthur from Sacramento, CA




After being enlightened by you again, through our meeting, I am reminded that I HAVE become that person I wished I was.  Now there are people wishing they could be like me, just as I had wishful thinking back in the day.  I wanted to share that with you because it just made me realize, at another level, what I have accomplished through your guidance.  


Can't thank you enough!  So, thanks again!




Sacramento, CA

div _Marissa _marissaandjohn

Dear Fitness Made Simple,


I have never regularly worked out so much in my life!  My energy levels have definitely risen and I feel so much better.  It's so hard to get myself to exercise but, when I do, I just feel great afterward.  All my old excuses about how I didn't have enough time to workout or I had something else to do seem like so much hot air now.


I want to thank Fitness Made Simple for improving my health and lifestyle!




East Setauket, NY

div steverevised

I just wanted to thank John.  


After seeing his commercial on TV I finally ordered the Six Pack Abs video.  Although I've only been doing the video for a couple of weeks I feel much better about my abs and the definition is finally coming through.  Following his advice I'm trying to run everyday and eat better.  


The photo shown is a result of his video but with no change in my eating habits.  I can only imagine how I'll look once I combine healthy eating with the ab workout.  


I still gotta get those lower abs ripped so his DVD will be in my DVD player 24-7.  Good lookin' out John!



Los Angeles, CA



What a treat to hear from you!


Well...I just finished another session of Six Pack Abs.  I'm doing a crash course in Fitness Made Simple since I'm hitting South Beach Wednesday night for my buddy's bachelor party.  Again John...I've never stuck with a certain workout as long as I have with your video.  I end up laughing after a couple of routines the way you end the count with that singing style of saying "48, 49, FFFIIIFFFTTTYYY!!!!!  And you're done for the day!"  It's cool to hear you say you had a weakness for “dark chocolate with nuts”.  It shows that you're human just like the rest of us and it takes discipline to eat right.


Thanks again John.  It takes a stand-up guy as well to respond to one of your customer's emails...a SATISFIED customer at that.  Once again, you're the man!  I wish you nothing but continued success...and your commercials on TV are working.  I ran right to the computer after I saw one.  


Ciao' my friend!



Los Angeles, CA


I'd like to tell you how the Fitness Made Simple program contributed to

the significant change in my physique.  My desire to lose weight and get

in shape became most critical when, at age 13, I hit a peak of 215 lbs 

on my 5'9" frame.  It was at the end of 8th grade, preparing to enter

high school that fall, and I wanted to play on the football team.  With

football camp a few months away I knew I would never get through it if I

didn't begin to get into shape.


With the help of my parents I began a healthy diet and we joined a

fitness club for exercise.  I then saw John Basedow's infomercial and

how great he looks and I decided to order his tapes Fitness Made

Simple: Unlock Your Potential and Six Pack Abs.  I was able to

incorporate these tapes into my fitness regimen and, as an added

advantage, they are beneficial in my off-season football training as well.  

I am extremely happy with the results of using these tapes.  When I look

in the mirror I still can't believe it's me.  With the help of John's

programs I was able to bring my physique to a higher level of definition and I have made them part of my regular workouts.


It is now 2 years since I started my fitness program and I weigh 145 lbs!  As you can see from my photos I am in the best shape I could be.  My life has changed so much.  I am full of energy and confident about how I look.  When I look back I realize how getting in shape was very difficult in the beginning but, with the help of people like John demonstrating that it can be done, I was inspired to keep trying.  With this in mind I am hoping that my story can inspire other teens to use the Fitness Made Simple programs to lose weight and get into shape.  With the number of overweight teens hitting an alarming rate, hopefully my story could be a "wake-up call" and put others on the road to fitness and good health.


My deepest thanks to John and Fitness Made Simple!!




Monroe, NY

chrisba div brian1

Fitness Made Simple has dramatically increased my fitness level.  I was always a fat kid growing up so in about my freshman year of high school I started trying to get into shape and trained really hard.  The end result is the "Before" picture I included which was at the end of my senior year.


I then saw the Fitness Made Simple commercial and decided to give that a shot because I still wasn't as cut up as I would have liked to be.  It took only my summer vacation to achieve the results of the "After" picture attached.  I give so much praise to FMS that my nickname in college is "Basedow" and I have gotten 6 other people onto the program.  I don't have access to a camera here at college where I am ending my first year but I have made significant improvements since that "After" picture.




Oak Creek, WI


Hi - I hope all is well with everyone at FMS!


Attached are a few pictures of me taken today - only about 5

weeks into your program. p I am extremely happy with the results I

have achieved and thought it would be good to show you my

progress.  I received your tapes as a Christmas present (it was on

my list) and could not be happier.  I am a father of two, work

for a major Pharmaceutical company as the Director of Operations,

and with everything going on, like most of us, let's just say I am

extremely busy! With this said, I must admit that it would be easy to

fall into the trap that most people do and make excuses for not

exercising/eating well.  Your program has given me the

motivation I needed to take the time to improve my physical

appearance while improving my health.


Your tapes are very easy to follow and have such great nutritional

advice.  I have told friends and family this is not a diet, certainly not

a fad, it really gives you the tools to make changes to your eating habits without feeling you are being deprived.  For most people, it is hard to change your eating patterns without the direction of someone like John.  John breaks down what is good to eat, what you should avoid, and when to eat, ultimately giving you the opportunity to see what you otherwise would not have thought possible.


The exercise routine is also great.  Most people go to the gym and do the same few exercises they know best, without achieving noticeable results.  John shows you how to workout effectively, in less time than you would imagine, and achieve results that motivate you to keep going!


The supplements are also wonderful! There are so many things on the market today that for the average person to try and figure out what works is almost impossible.  People get very frustrated because the money spent did not produce the results that were advertised.  John obviously has tested these products and recommends what works best.  It takes all the guess work out of it and at the end of the day you have a quality product that works!


I am thrilled to have received your tapes and I've completely incorporated them into my lifestyle.  When I speak to friends and colleagues about FMS the interest level is very high as this is not a "magic pill" type of plan that sets unrealistic expectations; instead it's a way of incorporating exercise and nutrition into your life.  When I hear people joke "it's not fair, you look great," that's when I let them know that they too can benefit from FMS. I look forward to my continued success and want to give you all at FMS, especially John, a big "thank you"!!!  Keep up the great work.  I only hope you advertise even more and get the word out to more people so they too can enjoy the benefits of FMS!!!


Best Regards,


Suffern, NY

peter div jason2

Hi John,


I am a big fan of yours and always have been.


The first day I heard of your product hitting the market I had to get it.  If anybody knows anything about fitness it would be you!!  I ended up getting the  Awesome Hour Upper Body Home Workout, AM/PM Workouts, & Fitness Made Simple videos.  


All through college and a short time afterward I had a "non-definition" body.  I was embarrassed to take my shirt off in public.  Women treated me like dirt.  Sure, I had a girlfriend or two but they always treated me like a used banana peel...discarded on the pavement.  I feel this was due to my lumpy appearance, which was lacking any type of tone.  

Now that I've been using the FMS system since last year I have a chiseled physique that seems to get noticed everywhere I go. 


I push your product everywhere I go.  Old college buddies who haven't seen me in years don't recognize me and comment on how my appearance has changed for the better.  When they ask what happened I tell them, "John has worked wonders for me!!!".  


Thanks again,


Omaha, NE

div ba_scott-05 sucess-scott2 ba_scott-03

I started out by watching and working out to John's videos until I had

the workouts memorized.  I used light weights at first and added more

on over time.  I did the AM/PM Workouts during the week before and

after work and would do the 45Min Fat Burning Workout on the

weekends.  For cardio, I started walking 2 miles a day about 4 days a

week until I built up to my current 3 to 4 mile runs 5 to 6 days a week.  

I also started a low carb/low fat diet based on some of John's

information and a little from my own experiences over the years.  

I began following this program on Dec 26th 2004 and by the end of

March 2005 I was down to 180 lbs and my waist was down to 32".  By

June 2005 I was down to 165 lbs and my waist was 30".  My blood

pressure was down to 118/70 and my total cholesterol was 188.  At that

time I started working out with more weight and have put on about 8 lbs

of muscle putting my weight up to 172 lbs with my waist still at 30 inches.


My typical routine is a 20 to 30 min AM workout in the morning with

a 30 min run and 45Min Fat Burning Workout in the afternoon.  Even

on days that I do not have time to do this I get in some kind of 30 min exercise.  I have also used John's AM/PM Workouts on business trips and they have been very beneficial at keeping me on track when I am at hotels without exercise equipment.  My wife, family, and friends have been astonished at my results and I have told them about using John's videos.


Thanks again,



Charleston, TN

Dear FMS,


My name is Scott Egli, I'm 45 years old, and I have been battling weight problems since I graduated from high school in 1977.  I had seen John's commercials several times prior to starting my program and they looked good to me so I ordered the AM/PM Workouts and 45Min Fat Burning Workout videos to help me achieve my goals.  I am 5' 8.5" tall and when I started on my program I weighed 225 lbs and had a 37" waist.  My blood pressure was high (150/92) and so was my total cholesterol (220).



I'm 46 years old and in December of 2004 I ordered and started working out to the AM/PM Workouts and 45Min Fat Burning Workout videos.  I am 5' 8.5" tall and when I started on my program I weighed 225 lbs and had a 37" waist.  My blood pressure was high (150/92) and so was my total cholesterol (220).

I achieved most of my goals by June of last year and emailed you my story.  I just celebrated my first year on the program and wanted to update you on my current situation.  The results of my last physical were excellent and considering that it was just 2 days after Christmas I was very impressed:


Total cholesterol = 186

HDL = 89

LDL = 80

Triglycerides = 84

Blood Pressure = 118/62

Weight = 167 lbs


Starting last August I added John's Awesome Hour Upper Body Home Workout to my routine and have shown good results to date.  I continue to run and use Johns videos on a daily basis.  I'm including photos that were taken on a recent ski trip to Lake Tahoe.  My conditioning definitely showed up on the slopes as I had one of the best times skiing in over 20 years.


Thanks again,


Charleston, TN


Dear John,


First, I want to thank you for your encouraging email message when I

was at the beginning of my effort.


My goal was to lose 15 to 20 pounds and two or three pants sizes.  I

also have a ten year old daughter, who I was having difficulty keeping

up with, and wanted more stamina for my activities with her.  At age

47 I had no expectations of attracting anyone’s attention at the

beach; however, every year my pants size was embarrassingly

increasing and I saw no end to it.  When I hit 205 lbs I started

researching the best way to do something about it.  I happened to

see you promoting Fitness Made Simple on TV and was attracted

to the program’s balance between nutrition and exercise without

expensive gadgets.  I ordered both the Fitness Made Simple and

Six Pack Abs videos and joined my local athletic club.


Having a family makes changing my diet and workout schedule challenging but I found the opportunity when my wife and daughter went away for 8 weeks to do some volunteer work in another state.  Reaching my goals took dedication but your videos, the FMS Success Stories on your website, and your personal email to me inspired me to keep going.  In just those 8 weeks I dropped from 199 lbs to 184 lbs and reduced my waist from 38" to 35".  Most importantly, I like what I see in the mirror.


One important thing to mention is that I was concerned about using fat burning supplements so my progress was achieved without their use...only the nutritional changes, 30 minute cardio workouts 5 days a week, the FMS weight training for one hour 3 days per week, and the Six Pack Abs exercises 3 days a week.  With this letter I’m sending you a combined image of my before and after condition. I feel great, eat healthier, and have greater strength and stamina thanks to you and FMS!


Thank you for creating a program that really is simple without being superficial.  Fitness Made Simple works.



Ruidoso, NM

_sucesss-david div _success-mike

Hello John,


Thank you, thank you, thank you.  My workout is a consistent on/off FMS, cardio, FMS, cardio... with Six Pack Abs on my cardio days.  It's been about 8 weeks and I have a completely different body from doing this and using your nutrition tips.


Your words stand true.  Not only has FMS changed my body, but it has changed my mind as well.  I feel like I can accomplish anything by applying your philosophy.


My Stats: 33 years old, 5'10"

Start: 210, tight 34" waist pant size

8 Weeks: 195, 31" waist pant size


I have seen considerable changes all over with my legs being the most apparent.  Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!



San Marcos, TX




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