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John In The News...


John provides tips on Fox News Channel about how to avoid holiday weight gain. [View Video]


IMAGE Magazine interviews John about his book, Fitness Made Simple: The Power to Change Your Body & Life, and future goals. [View Article]


John is the Fitness Correspondent on a new TV show called Live It Up! where he does a Q&A segment about cutting edge fitness, health, and wellness topics for each show.  [View Video]


John appears on the cover of the Calendar Section of the Los Angeles Times, which features his American dream success story. [View Article]


John is rated the "Top Infomercial Star" by Muscle & Fitness Magazine. [View Article]


Entertainment Highlights Magazine discusses John's popularity in the media and creates a cartoon superhero team of him with LL Cool J.

[View Article]


John hits the tabloids in the National Examiner, which reveals the "Secrets of Mr. Six-Pack Abs" and how you can shape-up too.

[View Article]


Though this article isn't about John, the New York Times groups him with Nascar and figure skating in terms of TV popularity. [View Article]


John & Midnight are featured in the new "Celebrities Going Green" issue of Doggie Aficionado magazine.

[View Article]


The Cleveland Plain Dealer highlights John's rise to recognition and fame in the competitive TV industry. [View Article]


The Iowa State Daily compares John's celebrity status among college students to that of Chuck Norris and uncovers the origins of his ever-growing cult following. [View Article]


The Times Ledger reports on John's business skills, marketing strategies, and keys to success.

[View Article]


Hampton Daze Magazine gets summer shape-up tips from John and finds out his favorite things about Long Island's east end. [View Article]


Exceptional People Magazine profiles John's journey to success in the competitive television and fitness industries, along with the challenges he faced. [View Article]


John is a regular guest each month on the popular Maxim Radio program Covino & Rich, where he answers questions on nutrition, exercise, and motivation topics from listeners who call-in to 1-888-99-MAXIM. Covino & Rich airs nationally on Sirius XM Stars Too ch108 / XM ch139 and it's one of the top rated programs on satellite radio. Often simply referred to as "The Show", Covino & Rich brings Maxim Magazine and all things pop culture to life weekdays 12P-3P ET (rerun 6P-9P ET). Become a C&R "dudebro" and make sure to call to speak with John during his next appearance.

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Fitness Made Simple

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