The basic mission of Fitness Made Simple has always been to improve the bodies and lives of people everywhere. With the FMS DVD series and book, Fitness Made Simple: The Power to Change Your Body & Life, you can build the body of your dreams - lean, healthy, beautiful, and free of disease - which will in turn empower you to achieve all of your goals.


Regardless of whatever difficulties you're facing during these trying times, you can make this year the best ever...a year where you stop "settling" for less than what makes you happy...a year where you turn dreams into reality...a year where you get the body and life you've always wanted.


The way I accomplished those goals for myself is detailed in my new book, which is actually my first and

only book, Fitness Made Simple: The Power to Change Your Body & Life. The reason I wrote this book

was to save others the wasted time, effort, not to mention money, and frustration that I went through in

my own efforts to improve my body and health. My story and the many other success stories of FMS

Members, from teenagers to grandparents, that are scattered throughout the pages of this book show

people that whatever goals they have are possible to attain and within their reach as long as they believe

in themselves.


Let me give you a little background on myself and what Fitness Made Simple has done for me. A few

years back, I wasn't in a good place. I was broke and depressed, couldn't handle the bills, had lost

direction/focus, and I was shaped like a "bowling pin on legs," with no shoulders and a big, wide middle.

Fast forward to present day...I've been profiled in major publications, like The Los Angeles Times, The

Washington Post, and The National Examiner, plus I've appeared as a model in many major fitness

magazines. The New York Times compares me to NASCAR and figure skating when it comes to

recognizability of sports television phenomena, and I wrote a book, published by McGraw-Hill, which is in

stores everywhere. That's a seemingly impossible difference compared to where I started out, and it's

why my book starts off with the line"Today's failure has no bearing on tomorrow's success".


If I had given up when I was at my lowest I wouldn't have experienced the most amazing moments of my life. Whatever you are todaywhatever problems you're facinghave no bearing on where you're going to be a week from now, a month from now, or a year from now. So don't you ever quit, don't ever give up on your dreamsbecause as long as you believe in yourself you can accomplish anything.


I'm living my dream and it all started with what's in my book. By not letting anything, not even Mother Nature, put limitations on my abilities, I took control of my body and changed a Big Mac, Entenmann's Chocolate Brownie Cake-eating "bowling pin"- shaped-guy into someone who's healthy and proudand if I can do it, so can you. It's all a result of the basic Fitness Made Simple program I discuss in my book and on our best-selling workout/nutrition DVD series. After trying just about every media-hyped fitness fad and gimmick with little success, I developed the Fitness Triangle, which is a comprehensive 3-sided approach combining a healthy, fat-fighting nutrition plan, the most effective lean muscle building exercises, and solid advice on which supplements can actually produce "cosmetically significant" results, to sculpt your ultimate physique.


The best, and most unexpected, thing is that once you start living a fitness lifestyle you'll see the cosmetic benefits are just the tip of the iceberg. Fitness creates a ripple effect and it improves everythingphysically, mentally, and emotionally. It increases your energy to enjoy other aspects of your life more and, as a spokesperson for the American Heart Association, I know that following a fitness lifestyle is the number one preventive measure you can take to avoid many devastating illnesses, like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and cholesterol/blood pressure problems, in later life. Then there's the psychological benefit. Once you realize you can effect change in something as basic as your body, something you thought you were stuck with, that gives you the confidence to go after all of your dreamsjust as it's now doing for thousands of male and female FMS Members of all ages nationwide. And that's exactly what the Fitness Made Simple program has the power to do for each and every person who follows it.


Fitness Made Simple eliminates all of the guesswork by providing a complete blueprint for building the body of your dreams...not to conform to some media-hyped ideal but to be the best "you" that you can be. Don't ever settle for anything less. It's not just about losing weight, chiseling abdominals, or getting skinny, buff, or cut. Fitness Made Simple is about getting lean, fit, and healthy so you can live life to the fullest and achieve things you never thought possible.


Following a fitness lifestyle is truly the best investment you can make in yourself. Start today.


Your Friend,


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